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Our mission is to provide healthy, well adjusted puppies to loving, long-term homes. We have over 20 years experience breeding Rottweilers and Akitas. We wanted a smaller breed that would do well in a variety of lifestyles. Pugs were chosen for their minimal upkeep requirements. Coat care is easy, they get their exercise during play or a regular walk, and are an excellent choice for a family or a single person (no matter what age or mobility level).
Since 1998, Taylor's Pugs, LLC, has taken great pride in their selective breeding program. Stock is chosen from various areas of the country to prevent interbreeding, and we do not over-breed our pets. Actually, our Pugs are more than just pets. They are part of our family (either that, or they've incorporated us into their pack). We make them feel special and include them in our daily activities.
We work with the puppies from birth to socialize them to other animals and usual household noises like the vacuum cleaner. Nails are trimmed regularly, and at about 5 weeks, they start on potty training outside, to come when called, to climb stairs, and to enter/exit the house using positive reinforcement and praise.
We are located in Lebanon, Oregon and can be contacted at:
By 8 weeks our puppies are well rounded and ready for new homes. Because we work with them everyday, we can help you choose the best puppy for your needs.